Centurylink Subscriber Agreement Changes

CenturyLink is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, and it has recently updated its Subscriber Agreement to better serve its customers. The changes were made to ensure that CenturyLink`s services remain fair, transparent, and compliant with federal and state regulations.

One of the most significant changes made to the Subscriber Agreement is the addition of a binding arbitration clause. This clause states that if a customer has any issues or disputes with CenturyLink, they must first go through an arbitration process before filing a lawsuit. This is a common practice among telecommunications companies and is designed to provide a faster and less expensive resolution process.

Another change to the Subscriber Agreement is the inclusion of a data usage policy. This policy was added to clarify customer`s data usage and avoid any confusion regarding data caps and overage charges. CenturyLink`s data usage policy states that customers who exceed their data caps will be charged a fee for the excess usage.

CenturyLink has also updated its termination and cancellation policy to comply with state regulations. The new policy requires customers to give at least 30 days` notice before cancelling their service. This will give CenturyLink enough time to process the cancellation and avoid any unnecessary charges to the customer`s account.

Finally, CenturyLink has updated its language to be more transparent and customer-friendly. The company has made an effort to remove any legal jargon, making the Subscriber Agreement more accessible to all customers. CenturyLink has also provided a summary of the changes that were made to the Subscriber Agreement, which can be found on their website.

In conclusion, CenturyLink`s updated Subscriber Agreement is a positive move for the company and its customers. The changes were made to comply with federal and state regulations, provide clearer guidelines, and promote transparency. For existing customers, it is important to read the updated agreement carefully and understand the changes that have been made. For new customers, it is recommended to review the agreement before signing up for service.