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Welcome to Ram Bachan Yadav Degree College

Indian higher education is in need of radical reforms. A focus on enforcing higher standards of transparency, strengthening of the vocational and doctoral education pipeline, and professionalization of the sector through stronger institutional responsibility would help in reprioritizing efforts and working around the complexities. The rise of IT sector and engineering education in India has boxed students into linear path without giving them a chance to explore and discover their passions. Concerted and collaborative efforts are needed in broaden student choices through liberal arts education. RBY Degree College offers Student’s a platform to choose and perform as per their capabilities.


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RBY Degree College offers Student’s a platform to choose and perform as per their capabilities.

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We give special attention to your intellectual development. We have special classes just to make you smarter

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We believe that ideas can change life that is why our curriculum is developed to encourage new ideas.

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We believe that education should have a global reach that is why we make you ready for the world.

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We offer highly respected degrees that are accepted by colleges from all around the world.

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